Overseas Projects

Stephen Booker has participated with  the conservation and preservation organisation, Heritage Conservation Network now known as Adventures in Preservation in its conservation work in Slovenia. In 2008 he participated in the Mlinar's Cottage works at Smartno ob Paki in Slovenia, (pic 1). Refer to the report prepared by carste following the workshop.

This building had exterior plasterwork decoration in graffito, not common in Slovenian building. The building had been adapted over time from a toll house for the Dukes of Celje to a wine press and bodega. The future of the building is unclear, but the team measured and recorded, cleaned and sorted the elements on site as well as visiting many ethnological sites and interpretative places to understand the cultural place and value of this structure.


In August -September 2010 AIP will be conducting another workshop in Slovenia on a privately owner residence that has been insensitively modified by a local builder. Stonework re-erection and repointing, carpentry work as well as brick laying to the oven is being undertaken under the workshop leadership of Stephen Booker of carste STUDIO.

A 3D computer model has been prepared of the building as well as a photographic survey in order to plan the work sequence. Some of the images are here to peruse.

In the Christmas break of 2009 Stephen travelled again to Slovenia on a reciprocal professional exchange. Some consultations for conservation works were carried out on a gratis basis to assist some of the local building owners who had places of historical importance of associations with historically important figures.

The building at Tevce was one such place. It is anticipated that in the future, this may be an interpretative centre and museum dedicated to the artist who resided and worked here.


This building is known as a kozolic (koz-o-litz) for storing hay, corn, pumpkins and drying of crops such as hops, and the winter sheltering of animals. This structure is culturally listed, as being a significant structure, certainly of large dimensions. The owner wished to divide this structure up into 4 residential units with a communal area that would incorporate interpretative material related to the area.

Sketches were prepared for the integration of the units into the building. The project remains unbuilt.