San Clemente High School, Mayfield

This project has been undertaken in two stages. The first, new buildings providing Library, Art and Design and Technology Classrooms and a Music and Physical Education/ Life Skills suite of rooms.

The site is part of an old convent that was a conversion of a former residence from the mid 1800s, Redcliff.

The new buildings adopted forms and materials compatible with the existing structures to provide a visually coherent suite of structures.

The second stage of the project included interior modifications and upgrading of the Administration building, new Science Labs, new Hospitality and Home Science Rooms as well as Building Code of Australia and disabled access upgrading.


In carrying out interventions in the Redcliff section of the school, elements from that phase of the development became evident and the details and character of the Foyer of the old residence were reinterpreted and reconstructed to provide a fitting heritage interpretation.

The School is now transformed and the facilities are in line with contemporary needs of education as well as imbuing elements that respect the heritage layering of the buildings.