Civic Projects

Wallsend Coal Truck

This was a coal truck typical of those used in the local coal mines. It was located at Callaghan College Wallsend Campus adjacent to the former Wallsend Railway Station building remnants that were moved onto the site when the Council demolished it to make way for the carpark in Cowper Street.

At the school site, the truck became dangerously degraded and most of the timber work was deteriorated and the steelwork was beginning to corrode badly. A development application was prepared for the coal truck to be relocated to a visible area adjacent the former locomotive sheds in Dan Rees Street, and essentially reconstructed.

This work was carried out by the Wallsend Enterprise Centre.

Combined with the railway gates and stencilled tracks, the locative shed and the coal truck commemorate and interpret in a strong form, the former railway and tramway presence and  their importance to the growth of Wallsend.



Wallsend Notice Boards

The Wallsend Notice Boards were designed to provide shelter to pedestrians but also an introduction to the town at either end of the main street. The character of the structure was simple and readily constructed but emulated the strong residential building element of the corrugated steel gable roof. The structures employ PV cells to provide power to light the structures at night.

Colours selected are compatible with the branding selected by the committee for the main street and the structures are robust, simple, contextually compatible and in their location, will be highly visible.