Architect’s Office

Congruent with our philosophy, to use and adapt existing buildings for new uses and unashamedly modify where necessary to effect these changes and accommodate new uses, carste STUDIO occupies an 1860s miner’s cottage in the old Newcastle area of Plattsburg (now Wallsend). This building is one of two heritage items on the Newcastle City Council Local Environmental Plan in the street. Our office was that which retained the higher fabric integrity in heritage terms.

The external modifications were simple. We needed to provide disabled access to the building, which eliminated the possibility of retaining the access via the original front door and verandah which was too narrow for this purpose. In parallel, our feng shui consultant identified that the entry door needed to be moved to the south wall. Incidentally, this proved to be the most appropriate place for gaining disabled ramp access to the building.

The walls of two bedrooms at the street frontage were removed and a lower partition was erected to provide an Office and Meeting room and Foyer/ library. The low partition allowed an appreciation of the space and ceiling form as well as increasing the air circulation and ambient light penetration.

The area adjacent these spaces was a larger open space with a timber raked ceiling, ideal for our Studio purposes.

In late 2011, we undertook replacement of the subfloor support piers and incorporated footings, damp course and ant caps to preserve the timber substructure which was showing signs of dry rot and deterioration.

The roof was concurrently repaired and repained and the verandah was repaired and the floor replaced consistent with the Miner’’s cottage character.