All Saints Anglican Church Kempsey

The church had embarked on a conservation project, to remediate damage that had been done to the building from the surrounding Camphor laurel tree, the rising dam in brickwork, poor drainage, broken down damp proof corse in the building and most importantly, the Sanctuary and Vestries had separated from the main building, resulting in major cracking and failure of the arch in the area dividing the Sanctuary from the Nave.

Our first introduction to the building was when it was supported by scaffolding, and the render on the outside and inside was stripped back revealing areas needing remediation and the circulation issues including access for coffins and general orientation intot the building were needed to be addressed.

Carste measured the building and carried out a fabric assessment to determine the areas of priority in stabilising and repairing the structure.

The Sanctuary and Nave were far too advanced in deterioration to simply stabilise and so, while not a preferred option, demolition and rebuilding of the areas was proposed and adopted.

Interior areas of the building were repaired after the render and plaster was chipped back and new electrical, and lighting arrangements were established, as well, disabled access was implemented.

During the course of construction, money became available for reroofing the building in Belgian slates, excluding the bell tower.

The building now is intact, the elements causing deterioration have been addressed or removed and the root cause of deterioration have been addressed through conservation procedures.

The building is again a viable place of worship and the exterior is now intact again.